Catering Menu

Half tray serves around 6-8 people
Full tray serves 14-16 people


Mista – Our house salad w/ romaine lettuce, sliced raw onions, and fresh chopped tomato, tossed in balsamic vinaigrette dressing   $40 / $70
Estiva- Spring mix lettuce, shitake mushrooms, roasted red peppers, and asparagus spears, topped w/ warm goat cheese and served in red wine vinaigrette $45/ $80
Cesare – – romaine lettuce dressed w/ homemade Caesar dressing, topped w/ grated Parmigiano cheese and croutons $40 / $70


Antipasto Italiano – prosciutto, parmigiana Reggiano w/ roasted peppers & olives $60 / $105
Broccoli di Rabe Con Salcicca – bitter broccoli sautéed with sweet veal sausage, hot pepper flakes, and garlic in extra virgin olive oil $60 / $105
Melanzane Margherita – thin-sliced fried eggplant, w/ mozzarella cheese & fresh basil in a house red sauce $50/ $90


Rigatoni Bolognese- Rigatoni pasta in a traditional tomato meat sauce $60 / $100
Penne Bella – penne pasta w/ shrimp, scallops, and sundried tomatoes in a brandy tomato cream sauce    $80 / $150
Penne alla Vodka – penne pasta w prosciutto, in a vodka cream sauce $70/ $130
Ravioli Panna- Ricotta cheese-filled ravioli w/peas and mushrooms in a brandy pink cream sauce $75/ $140


Pollo Parmigiana – chicken breast cutlet breaded w/ mozzarella & tomato sauce $75 / $140
Pollo Alla Nona- Chicken breast sautéed with white mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes in a garlic wine sauce $80 / $150
Vitello Roma- Veal medallions sautéed in oil and garlic w/ a touch of tomato sauce, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, and shitake mushrooms      $95/ $175
Vitello Saltimbocca – veal medallions w/ prosciutto, sage & mozzarella, served in a white wine & garlic sauce $90 / $170

*A la carte menu items that require additional preparation may be ordered in advance from our menu but are subject to market price and will be considered an upcharge.